“Scholastic ability” most influenced by child poverty

If there are many children, it will be tough to spend money for each school fee or lesson.

For our family who is having a monthly feeling “Pinch this month!”, Children’s lesson was a headache!


The poverty of children spread, the more the income is the more the money is given to the child, and the lower the income, the stronger the tendency that the less money the child can put.


Meanwhile, how can we prevent children from losing their academic achievement even if the households are strict?


The answer was in “home learning” .


Since I was part-time teachers and cram schools during my college days, there was an image of “part-time job at home tutoring & cram school = college student” , so I also felt that I was better to teach if I had the same degree of educational background as myself .


When it comes to examination of a college of universities, it becomes indefinitely handicapped, so there is a limit to family education.


However, if I am among elementary school students, I think that parents’ support will allow children’s family education to be fully enriched.


It is okay even if parents can not solve the problem because parents should read the comment first and teach them well so that children can solve the problem well!


What matters is whether you can successfully lead a correct answer when you hit a difficult problem.

Basic academic ability can be raised through family learning!

In home education, if it is basic academic ability, it can be raised without problems!

Especially calculation problems and practice of kanji etc can be advanced by oneself by themselves.


By repeating it many times, the computing power will be established, so it is better for children with more calculation errors to repeat at home repeatedly less mistakes.


It is also good to use commercially available drills and there are also sites that can download prints of free calculation problems recently on the net, so it is good to make use of it!


In the case of our stingy home, I did not write directly to the commercial drills I purchased, so I always let the answers be written on the notebook.


By doing so, you can solve the drill many times, so it is very profitable!


By not writing directly on the drill, it is profitable because it can be utilized also when the lower child studies!


If it is basic academic ability, do not spend much money, you can nurture it with family learning firmly, so it is important for parents to support you in various ways.


It becomes important how much parents are enthusiastic about children’s learning .


Those who say that they can not get along well with their children’s learning may become more efficient learning by leaving it to private teachers and cram schools.


If parents do not have support, it will depend on the motivation of the child .

Turning on the option surprisingly high tuition fee for communication teaching materials!

“Communication teaching material” often used in home learning !

However, recent communication teaching materials are surprisingly high when checked!


I also compared variously depending on whether I will go to a cram school or use communication teaching materials!


However, there is something called “option” for teaching communication teaching materials, so it is surprising because it is now possible to apply plus alpha application problems to ordinary tuition fees !


If you add an option fee, it becomes quite expensive and I think that “If it is a home teacher I should put it on”.


For those who can not support home learning by parents, I think that it was better to use a private teacher or cram school.


For communication teaching materials, parent support is basically necessary even if the tuition fee becomes high, so for those who do not have time in time, I think that it is troublesome and expensive.


Even if parents do not see children’s studies, if they want to study without permission, the correspondence teaching materials will not continue so much if they do not feel like doing so much.


I think that the motivation of the option is also very good for the child with the support of the parent, but for other people, the attendance fee is high, it is not very advantageous.


It is surprising that surprisingly surprisingly surprisingly surprised if you put the communication teaching material “as easy as cram school” high, be careful.

Family learning does not succeed only by “buying”!

The reason for failing in home learning is “parent” which is satisfied only by “buying” .

Especially at the elementary school’s lower grade, “parent support” is essential for home learning using communication teaching materials etc.


Some deki is good, I leave out a child who enjoys studying by myself, and home learning does not succeed without “parent support” .


“The problem has been accumulated and quit” is the most reason for quitting communication teaching materials, but what this indicates is how many parents throwing home learning in their children It is that.


School abilities of children will not grow by just buying!


It is ideal if a child learns without permission and the academic ability grows, but when it is small such as elementary school, in case of home learning, parent support separates success and failure.


Those who can not handle it, I think that it is easier for those who spend time on cram schools and private tutoring, even if they spend some money, than home learning.


Even if I throw home learning only for my child, the difficulty is that it is difficult for a child who can make a proper result if he / she is not a child with a high desire to learn so much.


After all, the role of “teacher” is not enough with only teaching materials and text .


In order to save money, we still need to spend time on our children.